In 2014 Gerson Couto was invited by the photographer AJ Paris, who lives in New York, to pose for his new book, "Men Around the World".

"Men Around the World" will be out on June 25, 2015. There will be seven language editions, which alphabetically are: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English, French, German and Hindi! These editions will be published between June 25, 2015 and June 25, 2017, starting with English.


Everyone has watched a horror movie. And you don't need to be a fan to know the name of the most famous killers, and that the one who goes to the darkest places without turning the lights on always dies, and uncountable stories have a Final Girl as protagonist. Inhospitable places must be avoided and every house may contain a mortal secret.

But what if we were the protagonist? Would we act differently? Maybe, if we had turned the lights on, we'd have survived?

Get ready to discover the infinite creativity of death.

"As the Father of Horror and its greatest representative in my country, I introduce you to the 3355 Situations You Must Know In Order Not To Die Like In The Horror Movies. A current, original and audacious work..." - José Mojica Marins.

This book is not yet translated to English.




With the tale Cold.


Hemisfério-Dorso is about ten gods, tired of the infinite monotony of their lives, who decide to create a new planet with the only intention of having fun. But they never expected that a simple game could end that way.

What, in the beginning, should have been only a distraction became an entirely new planet where, the creators, now, are forbidden to go.

Time has passed, and Centaurs, the principal race on that curious planet, created a very peaceful society, where they, without exception, lived a life without surprises.

Until one day, when everything changed...

This book are not yet translated to English.