Gerson Couto - A Gerson's YouTube channel about trips and adventures.



Rio, new AJ Paris' book has an exclusive new photos of Gerson, his interaction with the city and also a text about him. You can read part of it here:


Gerson dance in one of the most famous tv show. Wanna know about him and his friends of this male dancers? Gshow did a special page for them (Only in portuguese). Click at the picture (portuguese only):


Biggest brazilian entertainment site, Ego, talking about Gerson Couto in Aj's book Men Around the World. Click at the picture (Portuguese ony):


The cover of Gretchen's biography, the third book by Gerson Couto and the first with the other author Fábio Fabrício Fabretti.

It will be released in Brazil, october 13.


The brazilian magazine Junior n* 66 brings exclusive photos about Men Around The World, the AJ Paris's new book, which Gerson is. Click at the link to know more (Only in Portuguese)


In 2014 Gerson Couto was invited by the photographer AJ Paris, who lives in New York, to pose for his new book, "Men Around the World".

"Men Around the World" will be out on June 25, 2015. There will be seven language editions, which alphabetically are: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English, French, German and Hindi! These editions will be published between June 25, 2015 and June 25, 2017, starting with english. Know more about this new project:



Currently he's finishing the Gretchen's official biography with Fábio Fabretti.